Consider a Security Door for a Home or Business

The use of security doors or storm doors provides a second, clear entrance that one must pass through before reaching the actual entryway of a home or business. They offer a great number of benefits and because of this, they should be on the must-buy list of every home and business owner. Those that are unfamiliar with them can read below to find out more about what they provide.

Increased Safety

The first and most important benefit of a safety door is the added security and peace of mind. The doors are incredibly durable and strong. The threat of thieves or natural elements will decrease. Storms bring flying debris which will no longer be able to damage a beautiful wooden door that serves as the entryway. They also help to deny burglars access to the residence or business.

Let the Light In

On a beautiful day, there is nothing that opens an entryway and allows light to come in like opening the main door to the home. People are hesitant to do this, thinking that anyone from outside could just walk right in. Also, they must worry about insects taking over. The installation of a safety door allows families to enjoy the outdoors without leaving the home.

Increased Re-Sell Value

Those that are remodeling their home to put it on the market to sell should know that installing security doors is a wise investment. They are visually appealing and boost the curb appeal. They are a huge selling point for families looking to buy. Safety is something that can make or break a deal.

A decrease in Energy Bills

The insulation of a home is one of the greatest factors in keeping the monthly energy bills low. Doors and windows are likely to release the cool air from inside due to improper sealing, how often they are opened and how thin the material is. Since security screen doors add a dense additional layer to a home or business, they can help owners save money by increasing their insulation.

When the time comes to invest in a new door, be sure and consider Campbell Security Screen Doors. They are designed to incorporate into traditional doors. The door to the home can be aluminum, wood, uPVC and work with this new door. Get a free estimate today by visiting

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